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Programming languages are tools, not a religion

As professional software engineers, we may find ourselves in a situation where we argue or attempt to justify to our peers or even management about which programming language is better. Emotions may run wild. This could arise as a result of our personal attachment to the language because we preferred the way it represents certain…

Creating a new Express project with Typescript

This tutorial is written with the assumption you know the following: And you have the following installed: Setting up project folder From your terminal, go to where you want to create a project using cd <path> command. For example, the project will be created in the tutorials folder: Run the cmd mkdir <folder name>. For…

I got a Mac Studio and here are 5 reasons why you (probably) do not need it

Apple announced the Mac Studio during their March 2022 “Peek Performance” event alongside the M1 Ultra SoC, designed for creative professionals who need a lot of I/O and processing power. I ordered one for myself on 17 April 2022 and it arrived on 7 July 2022. The specifications are as follows: M1 Ultra (20-core CPU,…

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